Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Day Before I Start...

So, tomorrow this all starts and he doesn't have any idea. We had a serious heart to heart last night and decided that if things don't change...we have to let go. It's something neither of us want, but it's pure fact right now. We can't continue to live this way. Fight this way. We don't get along and we don't even talk. I can't handle that. So this is my last resort. I'm letting my heart guide me and doing something I think God would approve of and want me to do. I love my husband, so I must.

Tomorrow I must treat him with respect and not lash out in anger. I must hold my tongue when I'm upset and respond with kind words. I'm not allowed to voice anything negative at all.

I know this will be hard, because I'm definitely not one to keep my mouth closed. But I can see how it would work, so I am trying.

In all actuality I'm terrified it won't work. More than that, I'm terrified it won't work because of me. It has to work, though. Really....there can't be another option. We love each other too much, we just need to find each other again. Just by reading this book, and other's experiences, I know it will work to God's will, and I guess in all reality, that's all I'm asking for.


  1. God and his son Jesus the Christ is the best way. If it wasn't for my church I never would have known how to treat my husband right and to be forgiving. With Josh I have learned %100 of our fights are both of our faults. one of us acts wrong and then the other reacts wrong. I am so happy Omar found you!

  2. Hey Im Kellee and I just saw your blog through my dear friend Grace.
    Anyway I just wanted to say Hi and welcome you to the blog family =)

    I wish you the best of luck with your on going project and you will be in my prayers =D